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Protects corporate data with access control and job tracking

Businesses and corporate environments from all industries count security and data protection among their most important challenges. Uncontrolled access to company equipment as well as sensitive and confidential information continues to be a major risk. YSoft SafeQ Print Management dramatically reduces these and other dangers, as all print, copy and scan operations can be tracked and user access to output devices centrally controlled and restricted. With its combination of print security, device access control and document security capabilities, SafeQ effectively answers businesses’ security requirements thanks to the easy definition of clear user access rules and the central tracking of user activities.

Print security

  • Administrator-controlled user access
  • Secure print-job release
  • Follow-me printing

Device access control

  • Authentication by ID card
  • Authentication via PIN
  • Authentication via username and password

Document security

  • Secure access to personal documents
  • Document encryption

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